A Zazenkai is a day of intensive zazen. Participants may come for part or all of the day. There is no need to sign up in advance. Please bring a bag lunch if you will be staying through the lunch period. All are welcome. If you have not practiced with us, please arrange an orientation before attending a zazenkai.

Coming together to do zazen provides an opportunity to deepen our practice. It can also be an introduction to longer practice, and is good preparation for sesshin, where we sit for multiple days. Zazenkai is a rich practice format that includes Dharma Assembly, which is a dharma talk usually given by one of the Tantos (training leaders) and includes Dharma interchange with the participants. Zazenkai also includes a full sutra service, extended zazen and dokusan, which is a face-to-face encounter with the teacher (for those who have existing relationships with him).

Zazenkai Schedule

8:30 am  Sutra Service

9:00 am  Zazen and Dokusan

11:30 am  Lunch (bring a bag lunch, eaten in silence)

12:30 pm  Zazen

1:00 pm  Dharma Assembly

2:00 pm  Zazen and Dokusan

4:00 pm  Tea