“You must walk this path for yourself. In this spirit you invest yourself and train earnestly side by side with your sisters and brothers. It is this engagement that brings peace and realization.”

Robert Aitken

The practice of Zen is walking in the footsteps of the Buddha as Buddha. Buddha simply means “one who is awake.”  Through the practice of zazen we can awaken in the same way the Buddha did. Realizing our own true nature, we reveal our inherent compassion and wisdom.

Although zazen can be done alone at home, sitting with a group can be extremely beneficial. The training that takes place in this temple takes many forms including daily zazen, dokusan, extended intensive sittings such as Zazenkai and Sesshin, Work Practice, ceremonies and celebrations. Once each year we have an Intensive Practice Period in which our training is enhanced.

Most members participate as they can in zendo activities. The opportunity exists for people to live at the temple as residents in order to intensify their practice.

Hands and legs zazen