Sesshin are intensive, full-time retreats that last from two to eight days. Sesshin means to touch, receive, and convey the mind. Participants dedicate themselves to their zazen practice during sesshin and organize their lives so that all other cares can be left aside for the entire practice period. During sesshin, participants do zazen, eat, perform jobs to sustain the group, and rest.

“To touch the mind is to touch that which is not born and does does not die; it does not come or go, and is always at rest. It is infinite emptiness – empty infinity – the vast and fathomless Dharma which you have vowed to understand.”

– Robert Aitken, Encouraging Words

The Sesshin Application form is a form-fillable Word document. When completed, email to Sesshin dates and sign-up deadlines are below.

For those who are first-time sesshin applicants, please also complete and return the First HDS Sesshin Application.

Sesshin for 2018

Rōhatsu Sesshin, January 2-10: Eight days, $376 (full-time fee for non-members), $336 (full-time fee for members).  Sign-up deadline: November 20, 2017.

Spring Sesshin, March 23-28: Five days, $235 (full-time fee for non-members), $210 (full-time fee for members). Sign-up deadline: February 12.

 Hele Malie Sesshin, May 14-19: Five days, $235 (full-time fee for non-members), $210 (full-time fee for members) PLUS additional fees for air fare, local transportation and group meals before and after sesshin. Not all costs associated with Hele Malie are known until after sesshin has completed, and you will be asked to pay the remainder at that time. Contact our Administrator at 808-735-1347 or for more details.  Sign-up deadline: March 19.

Summer Sesshin, June 29- July 6: Seven days, $329 (full-time fee for non-members), $294 (full-time fee for members). Sign-up deadline: May 21.

Maui Zendo Sesshin at Paia Rinzai Temple, November 2-7: Five days.  For more information, fees and signup deadline, contact the Maui Zendo at

 Rohatsu Sesshin 2019, January 2-10:  Eight days, $376 (full-time fee for non-members), $336 (full-time fee for members).  Sign-up deadline: November 19, 2018

* All sesshin led by Michael Kieran.

Sesshin Daily Schedule

4:00 am  Wake Up

4:15 am  Exercise

4:30 am  Zazen and Dokusan

6:30 am  Breakfast

7:00 am  Work Period/Rest

8:30 am  Sutra Service

9:00 am  Zazen

11:30 am  Lunch

12:00 pm  Rest/Work

1:30 pm  Zazen

2:00 pm  Dharma Assembly

3:00 pm Zazen and Dokusan

5:00 pm Supper

5:30 pm Rest/Work

6:30 pm  Zazen and Dokusan

9:00 pm Evening Ceremony and Bedtime