Zendo samu

Samu/Work Practice

Samu, or work practice, has been part of Zen training for hundreds of years. The experience of manual labor- cleaning toilets, weeding the garden, cleaning the floors, or mowing the grass points as directly to the mind as does zazen on the cushions in the zendo. The Dharma reveals itself in the roar of the lawnmower, the wet of the wash water, and the heaviness of the rake. Nothing is missing.

At the Palolo Zen Center, sangha members individually volunteer for samu throughout the year, and each month we gather as a community to practice samu together as we clean and maintain the temple and grounds. We have two different forms to this practice, Samu Sunday and Work Party.

Samu Sunday is held in silence as much as possible, and our samu practice is sandwiched between periods of zazen in the zendo. Work Party is more social where we talk with each other as we work. Both forms end with a complimentary communal lunch. Besides being a rich practice, samu participation is sangha building as we work together and get to know one another. The schedules for Samu Sunday and Work Party follow, and you can find the dates the Calendar.

Samu Sunday Schedule

9:00 am  Zazen

9:30 am  Samu

11:15 am Clean Up

11:30 Zazen

12:00 Lunch

Work Party Schedule

9:00 am  Zazen

9:10 am  Dharma Assembly with opportunity for interaction

9:30 am Samu

11:30 am Clean Up

11:45 am Closing Ceremony

12:00 am Lunch