Residential Training

Residency at Palolo is for people who have a well-established Zen practice, and who wish to intensify their training through practicing together in a lay community. The minimum stay for residency is two months although occasional exceptions are made for affiliated Diamond Sangha members. While working or going to school, residents make their home in the temple, maintaining its basic schedule year round. Residents keep the daily schedule and participate in the activities of the temple and the sangha, and the Intensive Practice Periods and sesshins as they are able. In addition to the minimum daily schedule, residents do three hours of temple work every week and hold a weekly house meeting.

In general, residents purchase their own food, prepare their own meals, and are responsible for their own transportation. The Palolo Zen Center is located about a 20-minute walk from the bus line, and most residents have cars, mopeds, or bicycles. It sits in the back of a beautiful, but fairly rainy valley, and residents enjoy the Waiomao stream, the garden, neighbors, hikers who come to enjoy the valley trails, wild birds, centipedes, local chickens, and mosquitoes.

Living and practicing every day with fellow residents can be a challenging and valuable form of Zen training, certain to provide opportunities to manifest wisdom and compassion in interaction with others. Our Temple Keeper oversees the day to day running of the facility including the practice schedule and temple work.

Applications for residency are reviewed by an admissions committee, who also interview applicants. If accepted, the first three months of residency are a probationary period. Preference is given to members of the Honolulu Diamond Sangha, other HDS participants, and members or participants of Diamond Sangha affiliate groups, in that order. Diamond Sangha affiliation isn’t required for application, however.

Space is limited. Fees for residents vary depending on the room. Rooms may be shared (and fees reduced correspondingly), but private rooms are the norm. Food and sesshin fees are not included in the monthly fee. If you are interested in inquiring about residency, please call the Administrator at (808) 735-1347 to inquire if space is available, and download the Resident Application. This is a form-fillable Word document which you can fill in and email to the administrator at info@diamondsangha.org

It is recommended that people interested in residency who live on Oahu attend our orientation and join the activities of the sangha, including regular zazen, for a period of time before applying.