Dokusan is a face-to-face interaction with a Zen teacher in which you have an opportunity to present your understanding and realization directly. It is practicing and realizing the Buddha Way through creative interaction. This kind of face-to-face, eyebrow-to-eyebrow teaching has been an integral part of Zen training for many hundreds of years. Our teacher, Michael Kieran’s, intention is to be a guide along this path. Because he works with us individually, according to our aspirations and needs, what takes place in the hojo (dokusan room) should not be shared with others. Each person needs to realize the Buddha Way for him or herself.

Before going to dokusan for the first time, you must arrange a meeting with our teacher Michael Kieran. Talk to him directly or to one of the Tantos who will arrange a meeting. Together you and Michael will determine whether and when the time is right to begin working together.

Dokusan Procedure: Before your first dokusan, talk to the Tanto who is the training leader for the month and arrange to be shown the details of going to dokusan.